The question was recently asked, “Why are you putting a brewery in Stonebridge?”

Let’s start with a little inside baseball. The Republic is built on three pillars: great beer, great people, and great location. All three are equally important, and each one depends on the other two in order for the whole thing to maintain its stability. Our pillars are the focal points of everything we do and every beer we brew.

When we set out on this voyage, we looked for ways to distinguish ourselves from the growing heard of breweries opening in the area. A rising tide raises all boats, but a successful small business must look for ways to fill its sails with more wind than the other guys. Obviously, there is a lot of great beer being brewed in Northern Virginia these days, and while we certainly intend for our beer to match, if not surpass, the rather high bar that’s been set, we don’t consider our ability to brew quality beer as a feature that necessarily “distinguishes” us from the other breweries.

Likewise, our plan is to surround our operation with great people. Whether they are employees of the Republic, partners of the Republic, or even customers of the Republic, they are our citizens, and are the oil that keeps this machine working. But while we strive to be the first among many places in the minds of great people who seek great beer, it would be silly to assume that we are the only place that great people go for great beer.

This brings us to the third pillar: the great location. The old laws in Prince William County have changed, and breweries are no longer relegated to the back corners of industrial complexes where they are out of sight, out of mind. The primary point of sale doesn’t have to be a grocery store shelf, or on tap in a restaurant near you, obscured by the taps from the macro breweries. Granted, our beer will be for sale in these places, and you can expect us to partner with these establishments in order to enhance the total Republic experience, but the changing laws have created a new opportunity to build our brewery where our citizens already are. We have the freedom to find that perfect spot where our citizens live, work, play, shop, and drink great beer. They say the first rule in the hospitality game is “location, location, location.” In Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center, we found that perfect location.

We’ve planted our flag on the upscale megalith retail center of Stonebridge, overlooking the mighty Potomac River, because it is the best location in Woodbridge, Virginia. Brew Republic Bierwerks will be the newest in a long line of great Stonebridge stores that already includes Wegmans, Starbucks, Apple Store, and REI, and great food establishments where people from the community come to unwind. There are even plans to build a new stadium for the Potomac Nationals minor-league baseball team right next door. To say we found the best location for a new brewery in Woodbridge may be a rather large understatement.

Our brewery and taproom will be built with the existing comfortable classy vibe of the area in mind. We will be blending the industrial setting of a brewery with the warm inviting atmosphere of a traditional old-world beer hall, all the while mixing in the contemporary casual ambiance of the community around us. We will flood the taproom with natural light and create an “indoor biergarten” environment where our citizens can enjoy great brews, great eats, great entertainment, and great times.

And it’s all coming in the summer of 2016. The board is set and the drum beat is echoing along the I-95 corridor. The standard will soon be raised over the Republic and the great place where great people can enjoy great beer will finally open its doors.

To the Republic (if you can keep it)… Cheers!

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