Teufel Tanzen

Belgian Golden Strong Ale | 9.6% ABV | 28.0 IBU

Teufel Tanzen /TOY-fell TAN-zin/ (Devil Dance) is a Belgian Golden Strong Ale that weighs-in at a devilish 9.6% ABV. Brewed in collaboration with our friends and Ferdinand at Ornery Beer Company, this medium-bodied Belgian beauty has a fruit forward banana and pear flavor profile with a hint of lemon and clove spiciness (all courtesy of the Belgian yeast) and a dry finish. You’ll also notice a faint impression of white cracker or bread from the lightly kilned German Pilsner Malt and a very mild bitterness. Teufel Tanzen is strong, delicious, and is sure to have you dancing at the crossroads in no time.

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