As far as we can figure, there are two types of people who fill growlers at a brewery: people who are serious about it and people who aren’t.

For those of you in the former category, we have the perfect growler for you.SSGrowler_04eae3a7b61c5dc1b23b902358f4d95e

Introducing the Brew Republic Bierwerks stainless steel growler: a stunning, matte black, powder coated, double-walled, vacuum insulated, 64oz, stainless steel boss of a beer transportation device, forged in the fires of awesomeness by a base-jumping, crocodile wrestling, volcano luging beer shaman wearing a tuxedo t-shirt and a GoPro camera. Okay, we may have made that last part up.

What’s the big deal? Two things: light and temperature. Skunked beer is a result of exposer to ultraviolet light and warm or uneven temperatures.

Most growlers are made out of amber glass, which shields the light to some degree, but still allows some of that UV radiation in. Steel blocks 100% of those harmful rays, ensuring that your beer is totally safe.

Steel also gets colder quicker than glass, and stays that way longer. And the vacuum-insulated double wall construction of our stainless growler further fortifies the temperature. This way, you have more time to get that delicious fresh-from-the-taps beer into a refrigerator, in the event you can’t do it right away.

Or, you can take your beer to the beach, or to a picnic, and it will stay colder longer.

And speaking of beach and pool parties, you don’t have to worry about broken glass shutting down your fun with this growler—it is 100% glass free.

What else? Our stainless growler features a rugged, easy to grip, handle cap that locks in freshness; the seal is far more aggressive than what you get on a standard issue amber glass growler cap. It’s all about keeping your beer awesome!

And then there’s the overall look of this thing. The matte black powder coat paint job gives our stainless growler an aura of malice that serves notice to all growlers around it. The Brew Republic Bierwerks logo has been laser-etched into the paint, allowing the brilliance of the metal to shine through. Needless to say, it makes quite a statement.

If Chuck Norris had a growler, it would be this growler.

So ask yourself: What kind of growler person am I? How seriously do I take my beer? Do I want to blend into a world of amber glass growlers or do I want everyone at the bar to stop and stare as I slam my beer transportation device on the counter to have the bartender fill it with craft-brewed deliciousness? Do I want to be a legend?

Well, when you put it like that…

To the Republic (if you can keep it)… Cheers!

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