Gose-ama Bin Laden

Traditional Gose | 4.3% ABV | 6.0 IBU

What’s more American than kicking back with a cold refreshing beer? Kicking ass, taking names, and mocking those asses you’ve kicked, that’s what. If you can do that while enjoying a refreshing beer, well that’s the kind of thing that makes eagles shed tears of pure patriotism. Gose-ama Bin Laden is a traditional gose brewed with German wheat and Pilsner malt. Coriander and sea salt (take from a certain someone’s watery grave) are added and the brew is kettle-soured. This beer does it all. It refreshes with a light body, low ABV, and a lemon-lime flavor. And it is a perfect (non)tribute to one of the world’s all-time assholes. It’s got alcohol. It’s a chill beer for a decidedly unchill dude. It’s a middle finger to everything that douchebag stood for. So raise a glass of salute to kicking ass, drinking beer and ‘Murica!


  1. 6/28/2019

    Your beer descriptions are amazing!

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