Duchess of Sours

Duchess of Sours – Pineapple Sour Ale | 6.1% ABV |  6 IBU

Sweet, tart, and refreshing. This cousin to our Queen of Sours has a lighter mouthfeel, a more mild sour profile, a strong pineapple tropical flavor, and a bubbly effervescence that befits royalty.

Swing Easy

Session IPA | 4.7% ABV | 45 IBU

A “session strength” IPA with the all the markers of a regular IPA. Swing Easy is aggressively hopped with late kettle additions and dry hopped with a boat load of hops that impart tropical and citrus flavors such as Mango, Pineapple, and Tangelo. It’s low 4.7% ABV allows you to have more than one and still control your swing! Anyone one that enjoys an IPA with tropical and citrus flavors with some hop bitterness should enjoy a few of these. Swing Easy my friends!