When we set out to build Brew Republic, we had no idea how much joy, agony, frustration, and sheer elation a project could produce all at once. The brewery existed for so long as a vision in our heads and as an ever changing list of good ideas on a piece of paper; when it began to take shape, it was overwhelming. The build itself was overwhelming, but watching those ideas and visions transfer into tangible walls, tanks, bars, tables, chairs—there’s no way to prepare for it.


Not to mention how quickly this build is going, which is a testament to the amazing and talented people that we have surrounded ourselves with. Our architect, engineer, general contractor, site foreman, property manager, and the battalion of plumbers, electricians, builders, HVAC guys, vendors, and even well-wishers—they are the real reason for our building success up until this point. And we thank them for it.

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But enough platitudes and gratitudes; you came here for the inside scoop, or at least the purpose of this blog post is to give you the inside scoop, whether that’s why you’re reading it or not.

The build began in earnest before the ink on our signed county permit was fully dry. Our builders took jackhammer to concrete and dug an intricate labyrinth-like network of trenches, which were filled with plumbing pipes and conduits (no minotaur). They also completely dug-up the floor underneath where the brewery will live, because 3-inch concrete is not thick enough to support five fermenters, one brite tank, and a brewhouse that are all filled with delicious, but heavy, beer. The brewery floor was replaced with thicker, more reinforced concrete, and a fancy new trench drain.


Once the floor was buttoned-up, our builders took to the sky and began installing our ever-so-fashionable skylights, more conduits, and reinforcements underneath where the glycol chiller will eventually be installed. HVAC was also installed. A fresh coat of paint will be applied, and then the ceiling will be complete—which means the flotilla of cherry-pickers will go away, much to the chagrin of Jeff who really enjoys riding on them.


Back down on terra firma, our fantastic crew has completed framing the numerous rooms that will be in the back, such as the bathrooms, kitchen, cold room, and dry storage. They’ve also ran the plumbing pipes and other conduits throughout and are ready to start installing sheet rock. The brewery has the frame up around it and is ready to receive its glass walls just as soon as the tanks arrive, and the walk-in cooler has been installed in the cold room. The steps to mezzanine are also complete, and the various vents and other miscellaneous piping are being set up above the kitchen.


Bar construction has begun as well, and our talented crew of bar builders are working diligently to deliver the best bar you’ve ever bellied up to.

It’s all starting to come together, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us. For a timelier play-by-play on our construction progress, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We post updated photos almost daily. And if you’re in the area and happen to see us working, feel free to pop your head in and say, “Hello.” Our team is friendly and always willing to wave.


To the Republic (if you can keep it)… Cheers!

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