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How would you like to get unlimited 12oz pours of some of your favorite Brew Republic beers? Well, after a lot of requests, we're doing it! For a limited number of lucky folks that move fast, we're offering a $99 a month unlimited pour subscription for some of our best beers -- the same award-winning beers we've been brewing since 2016, but now at a great price!*

Heck, times are challenging. When basics like gas and groceries are wildly expensive, we want to keep beer and the fun that comes with it affordable. While others are raising their prices, we’re making sure we serve our community well by offering an incredible deal for those who want to be the most loyal citizens of the Republic.

Many of us love going to beer fests where you can have unlimited tastes and enjoy the day with friends while drinking great beer. Why limit that to just an occasional day here and a day there? Now every day will be a beer fest at Brew Republic, where you can enjoy our delicious beer in the relaxed and fun environment of our Woodbridge taproom.

We're a brewery that began by the people, for the people. And we're excited to give the people what they want. We only have a limited number of memberships available, so get yours today.

  • Q: Will every beer you have be part of this program?
    A: No, we're making a select number of our beers eligible for this membership, but we'll always do our best to have a good variety, such as our Yellow Bird Blonde, NightMare Stout, VAIPA (Virginia IPA), Stonebridge Pale Ale, Uberbrau Marzen, Efeh Hefe Hefeweizen, and top seller Vanguard Irish Red -- as just some examples (subject to availablity).

  • Q: Are these beers any different from the beers you've been serving?
    A: No, nothing about the beers are different -- they are the same beers we've been pouring.

  • Q: How big will the pours be?
    A: 12 ounce pours.

  • Q: Are you limiting the number of members.
    A: Yes! We're only offering 500 memberships for now. Join quick; don't procrastinate about joining!

  • Q: When can you use your membership?
    A: For now any day before 9pm, the day after you join (memberships are valid the day after you join), with some limited exceptions for when we do big special events or ticketed/cover charge events, as well as during trivia.

  • Q: Is gratuity included?
    A: No, so please don't forget to take care of your server.

  • Q: Is this really unlimited?
    A: Pretty much. Just like any beer fest, we're not allowed to knowingly let you get totally lit, so if you've had too much, we'll likely cut you off. Otherwise, come in every day before 9pm and enjoy!*
*Unlimited 12oz pours on designated beers prior to 9pm every day, except on certain black-out dates or during special events. On-premise only; may not take to go. Sharing prohibited. Memberships valid the day after joining, and memberships will renew automatically once a month unless canceled online. Must join for full month-long period; no pro-rated refunds. We reserve the right, and are required by Virginia law, to stop serving you if we believe you are intoxicated. Pours subject to availability/supply. Gratuity not included.