Real-time, accurate report of active members of the Beer Commission. If they aren’t listed here, they are not a current member.

BeckMichaelBeer Commission (Yearly)Active
BischopingNathanBeer Commission (Yearly)Active
ClineDebraBeer Commission (Yearly)Active
ClineRichard Beer Commission (Yearly)Active
DavisJamesBeer Commission (Yearly)Active
DavisPatricia Beer Commission (Yearly)Active
GreeleyEricBeer Commission (Quarterly)Active
GriscomWilliamBeer Commission (Quarterly)Active
GylesGeorgeBeer Commission (Yearly)Active
HarrisCelesteBeer Commission (Quarterly)Active
HendrenLaurieBeer Commission (Monthly Fee) - Phased OutActive
MarkleyScottBeer Commission (Yearly)Active
McCannAntoinetteBeer Commission (Yearly)Active
McCannStevenBeer Commission (Monthly Fee) - Phased OutActive
MinorFranqueBeer Commission (Quarterly)Active
MinorImaanBeer Commission (Quarterly)Active
MortonStephanieBeer Commission (Quarterly)Active
MortonWilliamBeer Commission (Quarterly)Active
RalstonAdamBeer Commission (Yearly)Active
ReesmanElizabethBeer Commission (Yearly)Active
RepettiKyleBeer Commission (Yearly)Active
SalfelderKen Beer Commission (Monthly Fee) - Phased OutActive
SheppardDerekBeer Commission (Quarterly)Active
StevesScottBeer Commission (Yearly)Active
VossJosephBeer Commission (Yearly)Active
WeisTimBeer Commission (Quarterly)Active
WolffeMikeBeer Commission (Monthly Fee) - Phased OutActive

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